Book by South Centre staff, 2017

Post Zombieism: The Social Media Hordes


About the Book:

This book delves into the the traits of gullibility, lack (in fact, hatred) of any intent for knowledge acquisition and narcissism as demonstrated by Social Media users (and their mirror images in the real world). This book puts in place a critique of what we call ‘freedoms’ acquired via Social Media, as well as goes behind the reasons for problems (fake news, alt-truth, terrorism, big data etc.) associated with Social Media. The book discusses relevant theories – social, political, psychological and economic – with the help of contemporary and historical examples to demonstrate how Social Media users have themselves to blame in  unlearning most of what the World learnt over centuries (and at a very high cost).

Author: Nakshatra Pachauri is Controller – Finance and Administration of the South Centre.

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