Bretton Woods Institutions (BWIs)

Analytical Note, October 2008

Developing country perspectives on the role of the Development Cooperation Forum: building strategic approaches to enhancing multilateral development cooperation.

This Analytical Note follows up the study on stakeholder perspectives on the Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) prepared by the South Centre entitled “Reshaping the International Development Cooperation Architecture: Perspectives on a Strategic Development Role for the Development Cooperation Forum” (more…)

Analytical Note, September 2008

Reshaping the international development cooperation architecture: perspectives on strategic development role for the Development Cooperation Forum.

This Analytical Note presents the findings of a research project undertaken by the South Centre designed to gather insights and perspectives from various stakeholders – including developing country governments and civil society. (more…)

Analytical Note, July 2008

Financing for development from Monterrey to Doha.

This Analytical Note evaluates how far the commitments contained in the 2002 Monterrey Consensus were fulfilled. It also examines the adequacy of the Monterrey Consensus as a framework for guiding international policy decisions and actions in current circumstances, (more…)

Analytical Note, September 2007

Reform of World Bank governance structures.

This South Centre Analytical Note discusses potential governance reforms in the World Bank’s governance structures, with an understanding that some reforms become more or less imperative depending on the direction of the discussions around the long-term strategic direction of the Bank. (more…)

Analytical Note, April 2007

One United Nations: placing development front and centre.

This South Centre Analytical Note discusses the key recommendations of the Report on the UN Panel on System-Wide Coherence (UN Doc. No. A/61/583, 20 November 2006). It points out some key issues that will need to be considered by the UN management and UN Member States in their discussions and deliberations on the way forward for the implementation of the report’s recommendations. (more…)

Analytical Note, February 2007

Getting UNCTAD XII right: recommendations on theme and sub-themes.

This South Centre Analytical Note makes some recommendations on the possible theme and sub-themes for UNCTAD XII. It seeks to provide a conceptual overview of what UNCTAD XII should focus on so that the results of the ministerial conference will be an UNCTAD that is stronger, better able to play a significant role in global economic governance, and more capable of (more…)

Analytical Note, August 2006

Comparative assessment of developing country participation in the governance of the global economic institutions.

This paper comparatively analyses developing country participation in the governance of the IMF, World Bank, and WTO and discusses the merits and demerits of the current governance mechanisms. (more…)

Research Paper 5, March 2006

Rethinking policy options for Export Earnings.

Although the structure of International Trade has changed significantly in favour of manufactures, primary commodities remain extremely important for several developing as well as Least Developed Countries. A large number are still dependent on a limited basket of primary commodities for their exports.


Analytical Note, October 2005

Changing Gears on Global Economic Policymaking Coherence: Policy Choices, Flexibility and Diversity in Development Strategies.

This TRADE Analysis provides a brief overview of the “Coherence” agenda in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and tries to inject a new perspective on how such agenda can be made to serve the development goals and interests of developing countries. (more…)

Special Commissioned Paper for the 19th G-24 Technical Group Meeting, August 2004

The World Development Report 2005: An Unbalanced Message on Investment Liberalization.

The principal message of the World Development Report 2005 of the World Bank to  the developing countries is that they should adopt liberal policies related to foreign  investment to spur economic growth and development, and that the development of  binding multilateral rules relating to foreign investment would create a favorable  climate for foreign investment in developing countries. (more…)

Analytical Note, September 2002

The relationship between Trade and Debt.

The existence of a relationship between trade and debt is a contentious issue. In fact, a clear divide exists between developed and developing countries regarding the subject, a division which has necessitated the formation of the Working Group on Trade, Debt, and Finance (WGTDF) within the World Trade Organization (WTO). (more…)

Analytical Note, July 2002

Backgound paper in the context of the work programme of the WTO working group on Trade, Debt and Finance.

This paper provides a general background to the issues of Trade, Debt, and Finance, and what role they may have in future World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations envisioned through the Working Group on Trade, Debt, and Finance (WGTDF).



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