CANCELLED: WTO Public Forum Session 79

We regret to inform that the South Centre event during the WTO Public Forum, Session 79, “The Future of the TRIPS Agreement: Part 2” on 29 September is cancelled. Session 120 “Mainstreaming Development in the WTO” on 30 September will be held as scheduled.

Over the years the South Centre has organized various events in the WTO Public Forum.

We have strongly supported the aim of the Public Forum to provide a platform for frank discussions among policy makers, civil society representatives, business people and researchers as they consider how to make trade work for more people and ensure that the trading system is as inclusive as it can be. The Public Forum in 2021 allowed in person and virtual participation of speakers and participants. This enabled many stakeholders from the Global South to engage, who otherwise would not have been able to do so.

Unfortunately this policy was not continued for the 2022 Public Forum.

We learnt at late notice that speakers were not allowed to join virtually and that our event would not be live-streamed.

No further explanations were provided, despite our repeated requests to the WTO Secretariat.

The WTO should be at the forefront of embracing use of telecommunications technology to open trade dialogue to all and reducing environmental impact of air travel.

This event will now be held as a South Centre webinar on 11 October at 10:00 am Geneva time.

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