G77 briefing on health-related issues with the South Centre, 16 February 2018

Title:                G77 briefing on health-related issues with the South Centre

Date:                16 February 2018, 1:00-2:30 PM

Venue:             Conference Room 5, United Nations, New York

Organizers:    The South Centre



The briefing discussed and explored the linkages between the global health agenda in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals and other New York-based discussions, as well as emergent topics such as the frontier issues. The briefing offered an opportunity for further familiarization with processes and discussions taking place in Geneva. This served the objective of enriching delegates’ understanding of key priorities and ultimately support efforts to formulate common positions in the spirit of unity and solidarity among the Group.

The interlinked processes include the two upcoming UN High Level meetings on health issues (e.g. Tuberculosis and Non Communicable Diseases during UNGA 2018), the Health and Foreign Policy initiative, the May 2018 World Health Assembly of the WHO and ongoing work in the Human Rights Council.

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