Policy Brief 25, May 2016

The Right to Development, Small Island Developing States and the SAMOA Pathway

In 2015, the United Nations community reached agreements on updating the financing for development mechanisms, Agenda 2030 and an updated climate change regime.  The SAMOA pathway is an important resource and an input to these efforts. 

For Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and their peoples, the right to development will require a genuine global partnership for development that surmounts the exposure and vulnerability of these countries to the vagaries and vicissitudes of international trade and financial markets and the inequities in global macroeconomic policy governance which unduly restrict their policy space.

For the SIDS, the right to development will also entail a sea change in present performance trends in mitigation, adaptation, and the transfer of finance and technology.  SIDS can take an active role in defining what the right to development means in terms of international economic governance.


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