Policy Brief 27, August 2016

The Right to Development: 30 Years On

The Declaration on the Right to Development, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1986 (as Document 41/128) is 30 years old.  It is appropriate to celebrate this anniversary.  For the right to development has had great resonance among people all over the world, including in developing and poor countries.  Even the term itself “the right to development” carries a great sense and weight of meaning and of hope.

In this 30th anniversary of the Declaration, it is useful to make use of the practical relevance of the Right to Development by elaborating on some of the key global issues of our present times, and how they affect the right to development.  The realisation of the right to development requires that we identify, diagnose and address these global issues, challenges and problems. In this policy brief, five such global issues are chosen and their relevance to the right to development.


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