Statement, September 2021

Statement during the Interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the right to development

The South Centre, as an intergovernmental organization composed by developing countries, welcomes the Report prepared by the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Development considering Climate Action at the National Level. Read our statement below.


SouthViews No. 72, 24 July 2013

G77 on Food and Agriculture: Subsidies of Rich Countries and Commodity Speculation Must Be Curbed

The G77 and China made a statement on SDGs and food security and sustainable agriculture as well as health, stressing the need for developed countries to cut rich countries’ agriculture subsidies and for curbing speculation in commodity markets that result in price volatility. Many developing countries that were self sufficient in or exporters of food now depend on imports. Below are excerpts of the statement presented by Ambassador Peter Thomson of Fiji, Chair of the G77 and China, on behalf of the Group, at the third session of the UN working group on SDGs, on 22 May 2013.


SouthViews No. 71, 23 July 2013

G77 on SDGs and Poverty Eradication

The G77 has stressed that efforts to eradicate poverty at national level have to be supported by global trade and investment rules to address developing countries’ constraints and marginalization as well as reform of the international financial institutions. Below are extracts of the G77 and China statement at the open working group on SDGs on 19 April, presented by Fiji’s deputy permanent representative Mr. Luke Daunivalu.


SouthViews No. 70, 19 July 2013

G77: Each SDG Must Include International Dimension

Below is the statement on behalf of the Group of 77 and China by its Chairman, Ambassador Peter Thomson of Fiji, at the second session of the General Assembly Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (New York, 17 April 2013).


SouthViews No. 69, 18 July 2013

SDGs: Food security and sustainable agriculture

The attainment of food security and the move towards sustainable agriculture, including increased food production in developing countries, are among the most important issues in the SDGs.


SouthViews No. 68, 16 July 2013

SDGs: Poverty Eradication

This is a brief paper on conceptual aspects of poverty eradication as an issue for the SDGs.

In line with our overall approach to the SDGs, the issue of poverty eradication should have goals and targets for countries but also for the international dimension, which includes the Global Partnership for Development (that involves policies relating to global macro-economics, debt, trade, finance, and access to technology) and the means of implementation (i.e. finance and technology for developing countries).


SouthViews No. 67, 15 July 2013

SDGs: Overall Conceptual FrameworkDevelopment

This paper of the South Centre on the overall concept of the SDGs was presented by its Executive Director Martin Khor during the expert panel at the opening day of the first session of the UN’s open working group on SDGs held in the General Assembly hall on 14 March 2013. It had also been presented to a meeting of the G77 and China in New York as part of its preparation for the meetings of the UN working group on SDGs.



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