Analytical Note, May 2004

The UNCTAD XI: Comments on the 13 May 2004 Draft Negotiated Text.

This paper is intended as a follow-up to the South Centre’s informal paper entitled “The UNCTAD XI: Defining UNCTAD’s Future Mandate” in which readers were provided with a brief overview of the current state of play (as of late March 2004) of the pre-conference negotiations, and then a paragraph by paragraph description of the differences in negotiating positions among various countries.

This current paper now looks at the Draft UNCTAD XI Negotiated Text (TD(XI)/PC/CRP.7, 13 May 2004) transmitted by the UNCTAD XI Preparatory Committee to the UNCTAD XI Conference Chair (Brazil) on 13 May 2004.

This text will be the basis for further negotiations during the UNCTAD XI Conference in Sao Paulo from June 13-18, 2004. Comments are provided in this paper on a selection of the few remaining bracketed paragraphs – i.e. those paragraphs on which consensus had not been reached during the pre-conference negotiations.


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