Analytical Note, September 2008

Sustainable development in the context of climate change: overriding priority of the South.

This Analytical Note stresses that both sustainable development and climate change are interlinked. Climate change will have impacts on the pace and progress of developing countries’ efforts to achieve sustainable development objectives, while achieving such objectives form the fundamental premise upon which developing countries are undertaking their actions to address climate change.

Sustainable development is a legitimate aspiration of developing countries whose populations are affected by a wide range of poverty- and climate change-related impacts. It is the condition sine qua non for developing countries to be able to contribute substantially and effectively on global efforts to address climate change.

The challenge for the global community in addressing both sustainable development and climate change issues is on ensuring that developing countries are supported in shifting to a low-carbon sustainable development path as their best contribution to global efforts to address climate change.

This will mean that at the national and international levels, much more integrated and coherent approaches with respect to both development and climate change need to be created and implemented.


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