Climate Finance Readiness E-Book, February, 2019

Climate Finance Readiness Brief E-Book by the South Centre

In the last years, governments around the world have set collective climate and sustainable development goals that go far beyond previous agreements and commitments in terms of scope and ambition. There are clear synergies between the three independently adopted but deeply inter-related milestones of 2015: the 2030 Development Agenda including the SDGs, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and the Paris Agreement.

The global landscape of climate finance is highly fragmented and  complex  involving multiple pathways, actors, institutions and instruments. Funds provided by developed countries to developing  countries for climate adaptation and mitigation actions, are channeled through various multilateral funds – both within and outside the scope of the operating entities of the UNFCCC’s financial mechanism.

Developing countries indisputably need climate finance to flow at sufficient scale and  in a timely manner. While the options   and possibilities for countries to  access  climate  finance  are expected  to  increase,  with  a  multitude  of funding channels;  this  can  also  make  the  process  even  more  complicated  and confusing.  Which funds to turn to? For which activities? At what costs? These are a few of the many questions that climate change decision-makers must contend with. Each fund is administered with complicated rules and procedures, which makes it very challenging for developing countries to navigate in seeking to fund their domestic climate actions. There is currently no ‘one-stop-shop’ to provide useful and quick answers.

The Climate Finance Readiness E-book is a series of short briefs prepared by the South Centre to provide developing countries with a «help desk» to access and to more effectively and efficiently utilize the complex web of climate finance information available to them. This brief will be updated periodically and will have different geographical focus, with the current edition on Africa. The South Centre welcomes questions, comments and suggestions for this series of briefs to continuously improve its help desk function on Climate finance.

Download the report below:

Climate Finance Readiness Brief E-Book by the South Centre

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