Climate Policy Brief 9, February 2013

A Climate Conference of Low Ambitions in Doha.

The annual United Nations climate conference held in 2012 in Doha concluded on 8 December with low levels of commitments by the developed countries in two crucial areas — emission cuts by them, and provision of climate financing for developing countries.

The Doha meetings of the 18th Conference of Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (dubbed COP 18) can thus be described a climate summit of “low ambition.”

The conference adopted many decisions. The main ones were on Kyoto Protocol’s second period in which some developed countries committed to cut their emissions of greenhouse gases for the period 2013-2020; on remaining Bali Action Plan issues in the working group on long-term cooperative action, which has now terminated its work; on a new set of activities on assisting developing countries suffering from “loss and damage” resulting from climate change; and on the work programme of the Durban Platform, which will be the main arena of new negotiations starting in 2013.


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