LAC AMR meeting, 3,17,18 November 2022

Latin American and Caribbean Meeting: Communities Empowered to Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance

Organizers: Pan American Health Organization, ReAct Latin America, the Global Health Consortium of the Florida International University, South Centre

This dialogue involving civil society, non-governmental organizations, academics, international organizations, and governments seeks to capture, share, and learn from the experience of different communities in infection prevention and control and the appropriate use of antimicrobials and draw relevant lessons on how to better engage communities and enable their active participation in addressing AMR.

Dates: 3-17-18 November 2022

Time: 09h00-11h30 (Eastern Time – US)

10h:00-12h30: Barbados
08h00-10h30: Mexico / Central America
09h00-11h30: Colombia / Peru
10h00-12h30: Bolivia / Cuba / Paraguay /Venezuela
11h00-13h30: Argentina / Chile / Uruguay / Brazil

Webinar Registration:

Event Programs:

En español 3 Nov.

En español 17-18 Nov.

In English 17-18 Nov.

Live Transmission:

YouTube – ReAct Latinoamerica

Facebook – ReAct Latinoamerica



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