Press Release, 17 June 2011

Climate Regime On The Brink: South Centre press briefing at UNFCCC session.

We agreed in Bali in Dec 2007 to build a much stronger international climate regime to better cope with recent alarming analysis of the disastrous effects of climate change. But instead of achieving this new regime, we now see quite unbelievably an attempt to dismantle even the weaker regime that we now have. Instead of a legally binding system to lock in adequte emissions cuts to 2020 for developed countries collectively and individually — which is what was agreed to — there is now the most likkely prospect of a “voluntary pledge” system in which developed countries merely state what they can do, without a formal system of assessing the adequacy of each country’s target or the adequacy of the collective effort.

This will itself be a disincentive for developing countries, when they see those who are supposed to lead the process, falter instead”


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