Research Paper 17, July 2008

Unity in Diversity: Governance Adaptation in Multilateral Trade Institutions Through South-South Coalition-Building.

The experience of developing countries, individually and collectively, during the more recent period of globalization has only confirmed that developing countries need to be consistent and united in promoting their views and interests, and that to succeed it is also essential for them to join forces and pursue group action in most domains on the development agenda.

With a number of developing countries having made important progress and strides in development and economic growth, the collective weight of the South should be used for launching major policy initiatives, as well as to counter the systemic economic and political imbalances that favor the developed countries.



On pages 61 and 65, Sri Lanka should be indicated as being a member of the Small, Vulnerable Economies (SVEs).

On page 63, Ecuador should be indicated as being a member of the G-20. Ecuador was one of the founding members of G-20 at the WTO’s Cancun Ministerial Conference.

On page 67, in “Annex III: Developing Country WTO Members Not Part of Any Developing Country-Only Group”, the Latin America column should be empty. Both Colombia and Ecuador are members of various developing country-only groups in the WTO.

The South Centre appreciates corrections of errors or omissions to its research papers.

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