Perspectives on Post-2015 Development Agenda and Sustainable Development, January 2014

Post-2015 Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals: Perspectives of the South Centre

  • Post-2015 Development Agenda and Sustainable Development

The United Nations’ Post-2015 Development Agenda should not simply extend MDGs, or reformulate the goals, but focus instead on global systemic reforms to remove main impediments to development and secure an accommodating international environment for sustainable development. This is a big, ambitious agenda which cannot be acted on overnight. An action plan for systemic reforms could be supplemented, but not substituted, by specific goals in some areas of economic and social development. This paper was presented to a brainstorming workshop of the G77 and China held in the UN in New York in February.

  • SDGs: Overall Conceptual Framework

This paper of the South Centre on the overall concept of the SDGs was presented by its Executive Director Martin Khor during the expert panel at the opening day of the first session of the UN’s open working group on SDGs held in the General Assembly hall on 14 March 2013. It had also been presented to a meeting of the G77 and China in New York as part of its preparation for the meetings of the UN working group on SDGs.

  • SDGs: Poverty Eradication
  • SDGs: Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture
  • SDGs: Full Employment As A Top Priority Goal
  • SDGs: Means of Implementation and Global Partnership for Development
  • SDGs: Economic Issues at National and Global Levels
  • The MDGs Beyond 2015
  • Development-led Globalization Requires De-colonizing the MDGs


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