SouthViews No. 140, 3 January 2017

2017 — a thunderous clash of politics, economies and policies

By Martin Khor

Yet another new year has dawned. But 2017 will be a year like no other. There will be a thunderous clash of policies, economies and politics worldwide. We will therefore be on a roller-coaster ride, and we should prepare for it and not only be spectators on the side-lines in danger of being swept away by the waves. (more…)

SouthViews No. 107, 18 July 2014

SDGs: Economic Issues at National and Global Levels

The economic pillar of sustainable development is crucial, yet relatively neglected. It should get its proper place in the Sustainable Development Goals. This paper deals with economic issues at national level (as Sustainable Development Goals) and at international level (as part of the new Global Partnership for Development). It is part of the South Centre’s contribution to the United Nations process of establishing Sustainable Development Goals.


SouthViews No. 105, 15 July 2014

Welcome to the real world

By Humberto Campodónico

It is currently being discussed in the United States if the Export Administration Act (EAA) of 1979, that prohibits crude oil exports, is to remain in force. Why? Because the US is experiencing a sharp increase in the production of shale oil and shale gas (also called “unconventional”). And oil and gas companies want to export their surplus production. First question, how can there be a law in the US that prohibits such an elemental activity as exports? Well, the EAA exists due in large part to the geopolitical problems of the late 1970s, and applies not only to oil. (more…)

SouthViews No. 101, 8 January 2014

New Threat to Economic Role of the State

By Martin Khor

The economically successful developing countries are characterised as having a strong “developmental state”. But this role of the state is coming under attack in new global rules being created. Two new trade agreements involving the two economic giants, the United States and European Union, are leading a charge against the role of the state in the economy in developing countries. Attention should be paid to this initiative as it has serious repercussions on the future development plans and prospects of the developing countries. (more…)


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