Analytical Note, November 2002

Process Issues in the WTO: State of Play November 2002.

“Process” issues have been on the agenda of the WTO for a number of years now. Currently, these issues can be divided into three distinct, but closely linked, areas:

– General issues relating to the internal transparency and inclusiveness of general WTO decision-making procedures;

– Issues specifically relating to the processes to be used in the Doha-mandated negotiating agenda; and

– Issues specifically relating to the Geneva-based preparatory process leading up to, and including the negotiations to be done at, the 5th WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancun, Mexico, in September 2003.

Process issues above have been raised, especially by many developing countries, as a reaction to the predominantly informal, non-inclusive, and non-transparent manner in which many major WTO decisions are discussed and finalized – especially by Quad countries with the support of the WTO Secretariat – for formal approval by official WTO bodies (such as the General Council or the Ministerial Conference).


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