Analytical Note, September 2003

Suggestions on Procedural Options based on the 1996 WTO Rules of Procedure for Sessions of the Ministerial Conference with Respect to Some Issues.

This short note is prepared by the South Centre for developing country delegations arising from suggestions and discussions made during a meeting held at the South Centre on 3 September 2003. It suggests some procedural tactics that could be used to address some process-related issues of concern raised by developing countries with respect to:

• the use of the 24 August 2003 General Council Chair’s draft ministerial text as the basis for Cancun ministerial discussions;

• the appointment of “facilitators” and “friends of the chair” by the Chair of the Ministerial Conference; and

• the possibility that an extension of time of the Ministerial Conference may be effected.

It is hoped that this paper will be of use to developing country delegations as they prepare for the Cancun Ministerial Conference.


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