Book by the South Centre, 2019

International Tax Cooperation: Perspectives from the Global South

About the Book:

A substantive reform of the global tax system involving a variety of multilateral platforms is underway.  The question is not whether the tax standards and practices will change, but in which direction.

Developing countries have long sought changes in rules, standards and procedures shaping the allocation of taxing rights among sovereign states. In the wake of the 2008-2010 Great Recession, developed country governments engaged in massive public sector layoffs and channeling enormous public resources to bail out large financial companies and their wealthy investors.  The Panama Papers, the Paradise Papers, the Lux Leaks became household words in the United States and Europe because of the journalistic coverage.  Other scandals, such as the “cum/ex” fraud in Germany involving a loophole in the taxing of dividend receipts were less known but just as materially significant.  Tax reform, particularly as it applied to the treatment of corporations working in multiple tax jurisdictions, thus became not only a problem of developing countries but an issue of global concern.

In November 2016, the South Centre launched the “South Centre Tax Initiative” (SCTI), a project to build a network of tax officials and experts from the South to advance the interests of developing countries in the current global effort at tax reform and combat against illicit financial flows. This publication is an outcome of this project based on contributions from developing country officials.  It is part of an effort to create international literature among the practitioners of tax policies and administrations from developing countries to share the technical content of developing country innovations within the international tax community. The book analyzes particular cases or issues in order to draw lessons from experiences on tax reform which may be useful for other developing country officials and practitioners around the world and promote tax cooperation.

Editors: Manuel F. Montes, Danish and Anna Bernardo

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