SC-FEPS Closed Workshop For a New Global Deal, 8 September 2023

For A New Global Deal

Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and South Centre High-Level Expert Exchange

Geneva, 8 September 2023, 09:00 to 17:00 CET

Room Rhin (ground floor)

International Environment House 2
Chemin de Balexert 7-9

The current global order is under a larger-scale transformation: existential challenges emerging for all humankind, competing global strategies between great powers, fragilities of the multilateral system and powerful disturbing triggers such as Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

A Summit for the Future to adopt a Pact for the Future with commitments about policy goals and solutions to deliver them was convened by the UN Secretary General to take place in September 2024, to be proceeded by the SDG Summit in September 2023. To prepare the intergovernmental channel leading up to the Summit of the Future, the President of the UN General Assembly has appointed the German and Namibian permanent representatives as co-facilitators. On the civil society channel, a large coalition was built to be part of the process driven by entities such as the Coalition for the UN We Need and the Global Governance Innovation Network.

FEPS as a central hub for European progressive thinking decided to launch a project ‘UNited for: A New Global Deal’, including a  a high-level group of experts from across Europe, to be part of the processes in both channels putting a particular focus on the possible content on the Pact for the Future and, more precisely, on the New Global Deal, which will be necessary to enable much more countries to implement the SDGs and all generations to improve their life chances. Since the last four years, as the last UNDP Report on Human Development shows, there is a general backtrack and increasing inequalities in the implementation of the SDGs.

Organised in cooperation with the South Centre, this closed-door workshop is dedicated to discuss proposals for a New Global Deal in various policy areas. It brings together the high-level experts from the FEPS and the policy experts from the South Centre. Located in Geneva, the South Centre is the intergovernmental organization of developing countries that helps developing countries to combine their efforts and expertise to promote their common interests in the international arena. The workshop will thus allow for a discussion for a New Global Deal among experts from the Global South and Europe.



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