SC Working Lunch, March 2019

Title:               Working Lunch Meeting on E-Commerce

Date:                Friday, 15th March, 2019, 12:00 – 14:45

Venue:             The South Centre

Organizers:     The South Centre 

This meeting is being convened in light of the 1998 E-Commerce Work Programme which will form part of the Council for Trade in Services (CTS) agenda on Thursday 21 March (during the services cluster). We will also use this opportunity to look at the plurilateral E-Commerce discussions.

The agenda will be as follows:

  1. Background to the discussion on E-Commerce at the WTO
  2. The E-Commerce Work Programme – Ways to Reinvigorate the Multilateral E-Commerce Work Programme. What are some Critical Issues, including those under the Council for Trade in Services (CTS).
  3. What is now taking place in the informal plurilateral discussions on E-Commerce – (We shall request one or two participants in the plurilateral E-commerce discussion to give an update)
  4. What are the pros and cons of being part of those plurilateral discussions? What might be the implications of the kinds of E-Commerce rules the US wants (Digital Two Dozen)? What is the impact of Digital Industrialization on developing countries?


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