Analytical Note, October 2007

Fact Sheet 5 – Demystifying Trade in Services: A Strategic Guide for ACP EPA Negotiators

This Analytical Note is part of a series of Fact Sheets designed to overview  and assess the development implications of the Economic Partnership  Agreements (EPAs), which the EU is currently negotiating with 76 countries  in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP). This Fact Sheet seeks to increase  the understanding of the substantive issues at stake in the negotiations,  thereby enabling negotiators, policy-makers, lobbyists and campaigners to  make informed decisions about how to engage with EPAs.

Fact Sheet No.5  deals with trade in services. Trade in services has been portrayed as one of  the complicated areas in the EPA negotiations. In simplifying the legal  principles and rules, as well as concepts that govern international and  regional trade in services, the Fact Sheet specifically aims at enhancing  effectiveness of ACP negotiators in EPA negotiations.


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