Analytical Note, September 2005

Identification of Priorities and a Road Map in NAMA for the 6th WTO Ministerial Conference.

In his commentaries of 8 and 27 July 2005, the Chairman of the Negotiating Market Access (NGMA) has both reviewed progress in several areas of the NAMA negotiations and identified issues that will require delegations attention in the run-up to the VI WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong.

While the overall assessment made by the Chairman is fairly reflective of the actual state of play in the Negotiating Group, the commentary fails to explicitly reflect the various specific developmental concerns voiced earlier by several developing countries.

This note builds on the Chairman’s commentaries and briefly assesses some points and options related to the issues identified by the Chairman. It attempts to identify certain critical areas that will require developing countries’ attention in the coming months, before the Ministerial Conference in December.


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