Policy Brief 13, Febuary 2008

Implementing the WIPO Development Agenda: Next Steps Forward.

WIPO Member States agreed to a new agenda to guide the organizations work on development and intellectual property (IP). The challenge now is to effectively implement the agenda to achieve concrete results and change.

Key recommendations for developing countries on the next phase of the WIPO Development Agenda are to: 1) uphold at WIPO and other multilateral fora a holistic approach to development and IP; 2) consistently assert a member-driven process and integration of development in all activities of the WIPO; 3) ensure the implementation of the totality of the recommendations, and give effect to each agreed proposal; 4) request and monitor that the WIPO fully observes all the agreed proposals, particularly those that require change in its current work methods and activities; 5) identify concrete, specific actions necessary to exercise the agreed proposals; and 6) develop and support the holistic approach to development and IP through coherent national policy.


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