WTO Public Forum, October 2018

Title:              #Leave No Woman Behind – Furthering gender equality in the digital economy

Date:              4 October 2018

Venue:           The World Trade Organization, Geneva

Organizer:     Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era Network (DAWN), Federación Argentina de Empleados de Comercio y Servicios (FAECYS)

The digital economy can be a game-changer for gender equality, especially in developing country contexts. But this potential can be unlocked only if the policy roadmap focuses on women’s meaningful inclusion in the digital marketplace and on creating ‘high value’ opportunities through digital innovations in key economic domains. The session will trace the key elements of this roadmap through a discussion around the following questions:

(a) What new directions do we need in traditional economic and social policy domains – viz. agriculture, labour, education, skill development, credit, support for MSMEs – so that they respond to new challenges and opportunities for gender inclusion in the digital economy?

(b) How can emerging policy arenas in the digital economy – particularly e-commerce, digital infrastructure, and data governance – integrate women’s economic empowerment agenda?

(c) What role do we envision for governments, businesses and civil society in actionising this roadmap?

Presentation – Leave no Woman Behind – Furthering Gender Equality in the Digital Economy

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