Analytical Note, December 2006

Reinvigorating UNCTAD? Comments on the eminent persons’ panel report on enhancing the development role and impact of UNCTAD.

This South Centre Analytical Note responds to the Eminent Persons’ Panel Report on “Enhancing the Development Role and Impact of UNCTAD” by highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of the Report that developing countries might wish to consider.

The main focus is on ensuring that UNCTAD’s role as the primary intergovernmental mechanism through which the integrated treatment of trade, development and related issues would be maintained and enhanced. UNCTAD’s three “pillars” of strategic and appropriate development policy research and analysis, intergovernmental consensus-building, and technical cooperation and assistance must provide UNCTAD Member States, in particular developing countries, with the strategic policy research, sufficient policy space, and appropriate technical assistance that would be required to enable them, especially developing countries, to achieve their national development objectives.


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