Analytical Note, November 2002

Background note on the implementation-related issues: History, Implementation, and Negotiating strategy for developing countries.

First, this paper looks at the history of implementation issues in the GATT/WTO system, and how such issues were dealt with up to the conclusion of the Uruguay Round.

Second, the paper looks at the implementation issues that have been raised as a result of the implementation of the Uruguay Round agreements and how these were addressed in the WTO up to the 2001 Fourth WTO Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar.

Third, the paper discusses and interprets, from a legal analytical standpoint, the mandate on implementation issues as expressed in the DMD, the Doha Implementation Decision, and the Implementation Issues Compilation.

To conclude, the paper tries to identify ways in which implementation-related issues can be used as part of an over-all negotiating strategy in the Doha work program for developing countries.


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