SC Webinar Series: Powering Africa after Covid-19: Options for Energy

Webinar Series: Powering Africa after Covid-19: Options for Energy


Webinar 1: Carbon Trading: Panacea or Placebo for Africa’s Energy and Climate Policies?

Building on the first webinar series that took place in July 2020, this next series will focus on identifying the various energy and development options that are present for African policymakers, drawing on the policy
and technical expertise of African and international experts and policymakers.

The first webinar “Carbon Trading: Panacea or Placebo for Africa’s Energy and Climate Policies?” will investigate various perspectives about the potential use of carbon pricing and carbon trading mechanisms in Africa as part of its energy, climate and development policy mix. Experts from Africa and around the world will be invited to look into the challenges and opportunities that carbon pricing and carbon trading policies may have for Africa, drawing on previous experiences with respect to REDD+, the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism, and other experiences, and on on-going policy discussions with respect to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Invited speakers for this webinar will be from the African Development Bank, African climate change policy implementors and civil society, and European and Chinese experts in their respective carbon trading regimes.

This webinar series is organized by the African Energy Commission (AFREC) of the African Union, the South Centre, and the Clean Energy Innovations Partnership (CEIP).


Date: Thursday, 8 October 2020

Time: 14:00 GMT (15:00 Algiers; 16:00 CET; 17:00 Addis Ababa)


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Webinar Documents:


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Additional documents/links for reference for the webinar series:

Designing the African Energy Transition: An approach for social and economic transformation in a climate compatible manner (2020-25)

Climate Policy Brief 22, February 2020: The Africa Energy Transition Program (AFRETRAP)

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Climate Policy Brief 24, July 2020: Pathways for leapfrogging to reconcile development and climate change imperatives in Africa

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