Statement, 17 September 2009

Statement at UNTAD Trade and Development Board, Geneva

First, I would like to reattribute the UNCTAD for its 45 years anniversary on trade work. The UNCTAD has been playing very important roles in the past; the birth of the UNCAD was to make up the vacuum in the trading systems. Originally, we were supposed to create the international trade organization that would include issues on employment,  commodities, production capacity buildings of development countries, not gaped, in one element alone, in trading relations between countries to avoid the repetition of protectionism. While it failed, so the development sustainability aspect in trade has to be filled in with another organization, this is why UNCTAD was born. It has fulfilled most mandates; key issues have been brought back to the agenda on commodities, capacity building of developing countries (supply capacity), financing in trade and development, as well as environmental issue.


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