Capacity Building

Policy Discussion Paper, November 2007

Integrating Development in Climate Change.

Human-induced climate change is now well recognized as a physical and global reality. Global warming associated with climate change has begun to affect global weather patterns, sea levels, snow cover, ice sheets and rainfall. Regional climate patterns shifts are already affecting watersheds and ecosystems all over the world. (more…)

Analytical Note, October 2007

Fact Sheet 5 – Demystifying Trade in Services: A Strategic Guide for ACP EPA Negotiators

This Analytical Note is part of a series of Fact Sheets designed to overview  and assess the development implications of the Economic Partnership  Agreements (EPAs), which the EU is currently negotiating with 76 countries  in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP). This Fact Sheet seeks to increase  the understanding of the substantive issues at stake in the negotiations,  (more…)

Analytical Note, July 2007

Comments to the Draft Modalities for WTO NAMA Negotiations dated 17 July 2007.

This note contains preliminary comments on the Draft NAMA Modalities submitted by the Chairman of the WTO Negotiating Group on Market Access (Job (07)/126). While the text will need to be discussed, amended and, if agreed, adopted at a later stage, (more…)

Analytical Note, August 2006

Internet governance for development.

This South Centre Analytical Note provides a brief discussion of the linkage between Internet Governance and development. It suggests that agenda topics of the 2006 Internet Governance Forum should focus on development, capacity building, and increasing the level of democracy and transparency of Internet Governance. (more…)

South Centre Paper, July 2005

A Compilation of Negotiating Proposals on Trade Facilitation

Paragraph 27 of the 2001 Doha Ministerial Declaration states that: 27. Recognizing the case for further expediting the movement, release and clearance of goods, including goods in transit, and the need for enhanced technical assistance and capacity building in this area, we agree that negotiations will take place after the (more…)

Background Paper for the G77, November 2004

Strengthening Developing Countries’ Capacity for Trade Negotiations: Matching Technical Assistance to Negotiating Capacity Constraints.

This paper looks at the negotiating needs and constraints of developing  countries vis-à-vis international trade negotiations, and at the deficiencies of  existing trade-related technical assistance and capacity-building initiatives in  addressing such capacity needs and constraints. (more…)


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