Policy Brief 39, May 2017

Highlights of the WHO Executive Board: 140th Session

The World Health Assembly (WHA), the highest body of the World Health Organization, will be meeting from 22-31 May 2017.

Earlier in January, the Executive Board of the WHO met and discussed on various strategic issues that will be carried forward to the WHA.

In this light, the South Centre has prepared a timely summary report in the form of a policy brief of the discussions that took place at the EB, to assist delegates and other stakeholders in their preparation for the discussions in the WHA.

The 140th session of the EB of the WHO took place from 23 January – 1 February 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland.

One of the key outcomes of the EB was the undertaking of two rounds of shortlisting and selection of candidates for the post of the Director-General of the WHO, to recommend three candidates for the final election by the World Health Assembly in May 2017 – Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from Ethiopia, Dr. David Nabarro from the United Kingdom and Dr. Sania Nishtar from Pakistan. A final decision on who will be the next Director-General will be made by the WHA.


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