SC Contribution – Comments on Amount A of Pillar One, 24 August 2022


The BEPS Monitoring Group, 24 August 2022

The BEPS Monitoring Group submitted comments to the Public Consultation on the Progress Report on Amount A of Pillar One released by the OECD in July on behalf of the Inclusive Framework on BEPS. Abdul Muheet Chowdhary, Senior Programme Officer of the South Centre Tax Initiative, was a contributor.

Pillar One marks a historic paradigm shift in international taxation, rightly described as ‘revolutionary’ by the OECD Secretary-General. For the first time it will allocate rights to tax multinational enterprises (MNEs) on a portion of their global profits among the countries from which they derive revenues, regardless of physical presence. Furthermore, the technical work that has now been done provides the methodologies to define for tax purposes the consolidated profits of MNE corporate groups, rules to determine the source of revenues from sales (including for services), and definitions and quantification of physical assets, employee numbers and employee remuneration.

We now therefore have the building blocks to ensure that MNEs can be taxed in accordance with the business reality that they are unitary enterprises, by apportioning their global profits for taxation by countries in which they have real economic activities, as mandated by the G20 in 2013.

Regrettably, however, the current proposals for implementation are designed to apportion only a part of the so-called ‘residual’ profit of less than one hundred of the largest and most profitable MNEs. This leaves in place the current defective rules for attributing the remaining profit of these in-scope MNEs, as well as for all others. Hence, instead of replacing the present flawed and complex rules with this new and simpler approach, it simply adds a new layer of complexity.

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